32 Strategies for Improving Productivity

32 Strategies for Improving Productivity

I love a good tip, hack or shortcut. Sometimes a new way of doing something just fits into my life and once I start using it, my work gets done better, faster, or more easily. In those cases, it feels like I’ve always had that tactic in place.

There are other times though when I try to adopt a strategy but it just doesn’t stick. Slowing down by eating mindfully, 30 chews per bite, is one of those. My fast-paced personality forgets or throws up obstacles in the face of that intention. If I am determined to slow down, one thing that can help is to look inside to see in which situations I enjoy going more slowly and try to bring characteristics of that into my efforts.

In some cases, that is enough. Other times it works well to change my actions by expanding on instances where I’m already doing the preferred activity and adapting it to my desired situation. But not always. Sometimes there are tasks I need to do where strategies alone don’t work, or if they do, they don’t work for long.

Our dysfunctional ways of doing things stay in place for a reason. Our underlying and mistaken beliefs, as well as our self-image need to change before our desired new habits will stick. Our fears and self-sabotage need to be looked into, acknowledged and put to rest.

Transform Your World offers a comprehensive approach designed to change you from within. It guides you to identify your inner barriers and find your own ways to work around or overcome them.

But strategies can help and sometimes a new strategy that resonates with you can make a big difference. That’s why I’m giving away a comprehensive list of the strategies offered in Take Back Your Life.


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