4 Tips for Effective Productivity

4 Tips for Effective Productivity

Effective productivity is about more than just getting a lot of things done. It’s important to realize that how you go about your daily activities that makes all the difference in the quality of your efforts and the effectiveness of your time spent. In this context, I would change Nike’s Just Do It motto to Stop and Consider, Then Do It.

1. Put yourself in a productive mindset.

Rather than just diving into your daily work, take a moment to contemplate the most important things to accomplish this morning and this afternoon. Prioritize your list ranging from things that MUST get done today to the things it would be nice to get done. Tackle the high priority items during the parts of your day when you’re fresh and focused. And consider which items you can delegate.


2. Scan your to-do list for work you’ve been procrastinating on.

Look for the ones you have pushed forward on your calendar for over a week. Ask yourself how important it is for you to do them at all. If it’s important, then make a decision (see tip #3). If not, then take them off your calendar, and put them in a separate list of things to do once the higher priority items have been accomplished. Sometimes insignificant tasks fill up your day, leaving our critical priorities incomplete. Other times, the less important tasks are a way to avoid the important things we’d rather not do. Most of the time, an overflowing to-do list, one filled with lower priority tasks, just leads to feeling overwhelmed and procrastination.


3. It’s amazing the difference a firm decision can make for effective productivity.

When you’re looking at important items on your list that keep getting put off, just decide to do them. If you can’t delegate it, and it’s a quick task, just stop now and do it. If it’s a bigger item, then schedule it for a specific time and treat it like a crucial appointment. It is. If that isn’t enough, get someone to hold you accountable.


4. Motivate yourself to care about the boring stuff.

Even though we may love our job or our business, there will be certain responsibilities within it that we don’t enjoy, or even downright dislike. Those items tend to end up in the procrastinated tasks group. At times, putting those tasks off can adversely affect our bottom line. Even though liking or disliking something is a natural reaction, there are things we can do that will help ourselves enjoy those tasks we’d rather avoid.


Next week I’ll be dive deeper into some of these strategies.

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