A Few of My Favorite Productivity Tools

A Few of My Favorite Productivity Tools


Focus Your Mindset

By far, my most important tool is my productive mindset. When I employ this at the start of the day, it sets how diligently I use my other tools.

If you’re like me, you have days when you wake raring to go, and you do. You effortlessly apply the productivity resources in your toolkit and your day flows productively.

Then there are those other days…when your mindset could use a boost. In those times, I find it most effective not to just dive in and “make myself” work, but instead to take a few minutes to put myself into a happy and focused state of mind. This can easily be done by looking at the big picture of what I’m trying to accomplish, bringing to mind things I’m grateful for, and looking at the day’s tasks that I look forward to doing. I arrange those tasks, as much as possible, in a way that utilizes my most liked tasks as rewards for the more arduous ones.



Another aspect of my mindset is the mode I’m working in. Without being aware of it, I can find myself anywhere in my range of modes that goes from vacation/relaxed mode to super-efficient, crunch-time mode. I find that my slow, steady and focused mode works best for me over the long run, similar to the slow and stead approach rock climbers must use.


Sitting is the New Smoking – Invest in a Stand-up Desk

Last year I invested in a stand-up desk and I now regard this as my second most useful tool. Some health authorities are calling sitting the new smoking and I could feel my body agreeing. So now, I use my timer to remind me to raise and lower my desk.

Now I’m ready to get to work. At this point, my most useful tool is a timer. It keeps me from getting lost in my morning email purge, it regulates my work and rest cycles, and it keeps me on track.



Practice Self-Care

When I’m under a lot of pressure, I tend to neglect taking care of my body, which ends up making me tire easily and overall be less productive. To counter that, I keep a bottle of water at my desk so I can monitor my hydration. I perform a set of 10 squats during each hour’s rest period, and schedule at least one round of exercise using a 7-Minute Exercise app during the day. I’ve adapted the actual exercises to my situation and the condition of my body that day, but the app enforces the workout length.

These are only a few of the tactics offered in my course, Take Back Your Life: Get on the Path to Productivity. If you struggle with procrastination, even just a little bit, this comprehensive program may turn that issue around for you.

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