Starting a business or a project can be downright difficult.

My Afghan Women’s Project started as a delightful inspiration after I attended an event with 14 Afghan women. What struck me most, was how different these women—who appeared so much like me—were from their image as victims in the media. I decided then and there to travel to Afghanistan and bring back a broader picture of the women and their situations.

Getting that idea was the easy part. Getting the funding, connections, and a more concrete vision of what I was about to do, was much more difficult. The most important thing to me was to see myself as someone who could carry out their dream. Thankfully, I had a coach who guided me through the process and in the end I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

I’ve now given hundreds of presentations on Afghan women around the United States, and I also wrote a book: Gathering Strength, Conversations with Afghan Women.

My current focus is to use what I have learned to help others live out their dreams. I want to play a developing role in the creation of hundreds or even thousands of endeavors.

Transform Your World will consist of a series of online courses that will guide learners through the process of creating their own projects. The series will take students from the fundamentals of brainstorming their project ideas, to constructing a vision and mission statement, and refining those ideas into pitches.

The next section, Project Management will guide the guide you in how to deal with managing multiple roles when everything is up to you. It will feature a section on how to network effectively, and enjoy it.

The third and perhaps most important section will be Personal Management. During this guide you will learn techniques on how to deal with rejection and burnout, building up courage and grit, asking empowering questions, and most important, dealing with procrastination.

Participating in these courses will increase your chances of success because you are creating it.


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