Don’t Give Up: An Interview About Productivity

Don’t Give Up: An Interview About Productivity

I recently interviewed someone about her experiences with taking the online course Take Back Your Life: Get on the Path to Productivity. She shared some great insights, so I wanted to share them with you.


Passion Can Fuel Your Productivity

Peggy: Please tell me who you are, what you do for a living, and what your greatest passion is.

Cindy: I work as a tech writer for a big company, but my dream is to become a published fiction writer. I work on my novel during the evenings and on weekends.


P: Wow, that’s great. What have been some of your biggest procrastination challenges with your novel?

C: Finding time to write. Or rather, making time to write. When I (finally) start writing and come to a challenging part, I begin to wonder if I’m really a writer, if anyone will ever read my books, whether I can ever complete this first book. I only had a few chapters written before I took this course, so the whole project seemed really daunting.


P: And you aren’t alone in feeling that way. I’ve worked with many others who have similar experiences. What has been your greatest challenge in dealing with your procrastination?

C: Not giving up when I reached a hard part of the work. Sometimes I wonder if I am really cut out to be a fiction writer at all.

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Insights Into Her Own Productivity and Procrastination

P: What insights about yourself have helped you in the direction of getting productive and taking control over your procrastination?

C: I never realized it, but seeing the situations and conditions where I’m most likely to procrastinate has been really useful because I can then create antidotes for pushing myself past it before avoiding the work.


P: Are there one or two strategies that have helped you the most?

C: I learned that my self-criticism is my worst enemy, and I can talk back to the naysayers in my head. Also, I learned that when I get stuck in my writing, then I can just stop and sweep the floor–that is, doing something mindless while my psyche stews over the problem. That’s when the solutions come to me and I jump back into my work. AND I end up with a clean floor.

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About the Online Course & Productivity

P: During the process of taking the Change Your World course, what achievement were you most proud of?

C: How I REALLY CAN get control over this scourge that has been controlling me for so long. I thought that’s just how I am and that I have to live with it. But I was wrong and I’ve made so much more progress on my novel!


P: How do you think the course could be improved?

C: The content is great, I just wish the user experience of the software had been a little better. Once I was in the course it was a bit cumbersome having to mark the lessons complete, and getting back into the course on subsequent days could be more streamlined.


P: Thank you. That’s really useful feedback. And I’m definitely looking into alternative platforms, so stay tuned for future courses that will be improved. What advice do you have for others who are dealing with productivity and procrastination issues?

C: Don’t put off dealing with it. Each day you let go by not doing something about this problem is a chunk of your life wasted. I used to feel really bad about myself for having bad habits, but that is now changing because I took action.


P: Is there anything else you’d like share with others?

C: Don’t give up! Don’t think this is the way you are doomed to be. You can make changes if you try. Really, this course helped me a lot.

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