Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks and lessons are there?

Transform Your Procrastination is comprised of 20 lessons delivered over the course of seven weeks.

Once I subscribe to the course, when does my week start? When will I receive my next set of lessons?

Whenever you sign up you will immediately receive a link to Week 1. On that same day of the week, you’ll receive an email with the link to your second week and so on.

About how much time do I need to set aside for the course?

The amount of time you’ll need will depend on how much time you spend with the journal assignments and in the Community Forum. But you can probably expect to spend between two and three hours a week on average.

Is it easy to take breaks within the course, if I only have 15 minutes at a time to devote to it? Will doing that limit its effectiveness?

Transform your Procrastination is very easy to take in small chunks. Each week is comprised of three to four lessons, and those are good stopping points. Within each lesson, you can also start and stop as you like. To facilitate this, the player prompts you to pick up where you left off. All of the videos are short, less than four minutes. Taking the course in small chunks in no way diminishes the value you’ll receive.

What if I don’t complete one week before the next one is sent?

The invitations to the subsequent weeks come automatically, whether you’re ready for them or not. You just keep those emails until you are ready for them, enabling you to move through the course at your own pace. The only issue with getting behind on the weeks is that those you’ve met in the Community will have moved on. (Keeping up with your friends can also be a great incentive to finish on time!) However, once you’ve continued to subsequent weeks, you are free to drop into any of the previous forum rooms. When you finish you can all meet up again in the Graduate Room.

Do I have to participate in the Community?

Not if you don’t want to, but you’ll be missing out on help from Peggy and the other community members.

I’ve been in online communities before and mostly they seem to focused members to try to sell things to other members. How is this forum different?

The Transformation Community is divided into an Introductory Room, a separate room for each week, a Graduate Room, an Accountability Room and an Announcement Room. The introductory room is where you share about yourself. You can include links to your website or social media accounts if you like. You can be as promotional as you like,  but ONLY in this Introductory Room. The weekly rooms will be devoted to discussing the prompts at the end of each lesson. You can ask questions about the course or about any procrastination-related issues you’re having. The Graduate Room enables you to continue your friendships and accountability. The conversations here can expand to a wider discussion of productivity and issues you’re having with it. The Announcement room is for folks to make any announcements they like. Peggy will monitor and comment in all the rooms on a daily basis.

Your first year’s forum membership is included in the price of the course.

What if I realize that this course is not for me?

If you don’t want to continue the course within the first week, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.