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Mary Word

Hi, I am Mary. I have always been a ‘dawdler’ as my parents referred to it when I was a child. Although when it is something I really want to do–or when it is something I have already gotten into–I can really get my teeth into a task. Saying that, I realize that even things I want to do I can manage to dance around getting started. So usually the middle of something is not hard for me, but getting started and getting finished are. There is a weird reluctance to do the last steps and actually finish something. And of course there is the ‘squirrel’ factor. Distraction has never been portrayed better than the dog in UP.

I work and have a long commute, so time is an issue. I actually develop online courses, so I probably won’t be able to help myself from doing QA as I go. For example, on the first lesson the Guidelines link is not valid… so I hope that is OK. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it is broken.

My second job is dog pillow. I have two long haired dachshunds. My furkids. And koi and goldfish in a pond, and plants that need watering… and eleventy-thousand books that need reading. And stuff that needs weeding out and organizing. Sometimes I am tired of being a grownup and want to just be a kid again. But much of what overwhelms me is just unfinished projects. So I signed up for this course. Cheers.