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Lori Belk

Hi, Im Lori Belk. It’s Sunday p.m., maybe you also can relate to the power of deadlines!

I can absolutely relate to things both of you, Mary and Peggy D, spoke of. I loved “weird reluctance to do…” as it couldn’t better describe the way I’ve noticed that I just WON’T DO certain small tasks for a very long time, even relatively easy things, things that I feel bad about not doing. And when I finally do them, I think, “Gee, Lori, that was easy!” So now I’m already thinking about something to NOTICE and ACT ON in timely way. I will make that effort!

Also “eleventy-thousand”…things to read or organize. I too resist starting and/or can’t finish big “time-drainer” projects. So I guess I should think more about breaking down tasks, as Peggy K mentioned. But I’ve known that for a long time, so I need more motivation. Here I am in the forum!