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    Introduction to the Transformation Community Forum

    Feel free to save this link and return here to meet your classmates.

    OK, I’ll start. I’m Peggy Kelsey and procrastination used to be an issue that I became really aware of when I began creating The Afghan Women’s Project. Although I was inspired by the goals of my project, there were a number of important Tasks that I either disliked or that scared me. I knew that the project would fail if I didn’t figure out how to make myself do them, so I did.

    After all this time, I still procrastinate. However, I very seldom let it get in the way of doing what I need to get done. The areas where I am most prone to procrastination are when I think my Task will take a long time, or when it involves technology.

    Not letting procrastination undermine my dreams enabled me to take two trips to Afghanistan, write and publish my book, Gathering Strength: Conversations with Afghan Women,* and eventually launch this course. My commitment to you is to show up here on a daily basis to encourage you and answer your questions. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.

    If you are interested in reading more of my own story and those of Afghan women, check out Gathering Strength. The Afghan Women’s Project is dedicated to sharing unbiased information about a wide variety of Afghan women and their situations. (Their diversity may surprise you!) The format of the book focuses on different topics, such as sports, health care, women’s rights, education and many more, giving the reader a broad and nuanced picture of women’s lives and struggles in that country.

    When going through a business branding exercise, there was one characteristic on my list, that when I owned it, gave me peace. While my brand includes the qualities of integrity, and the need to offer real value, the fact that I’m not perfect and OK with it, has enabled me to sleep at night. Important items will be corrected, of course, but I believe that by giving myself permission to be imperfect, I’m freed from the constricting and judgmental self-flagellation that keeps me stuck. It allows me to be real. It also gives the perfectionists among you permission to be imperfect as well.

    *It seems that they are pushing the Kindle version of Gathering Strength on Amazon now, but you should know that the paperback is more up to date, not to mention a little cheaper.

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    Mary Word

    Hi, I am Mary. I have always been a ‘dawdler’ as my parents referred to it when I was a child. Although when it is something I really want to do–or when it is something I have already gotten into–I can really get my teeth into a task. Saying that, I realize that even things I want to do I can manage to dance around getting started. So usually the middle of something is not hard for me, but getting started and getting finished are. There is a weird reluctance to do the last steps and actually finish something. And of course there is the ‘squirrel’ factor. Distraction has never been portrayed better than the dog in UP.

    I work and have a long commute, so time is an issue. I actually develop online courses, so I probably won’t be able to help myself from doing QA as I go. For example, on the first lesson the Guidelines link is not valid… so I hope that is OK. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it is broken.

    My second job is dog pillow. I have two long haired dachshunds. My furkids. And koi and goldfish in a pond, and plants that need watering… and eleventy-thousand books that need reading. And stuff that needs weeding out and organizing. Sometimes I am tired of being a grownup and want to just be a kid again. But much of what overwhelms me is just unfinished projects. So I signed up for this course. Cheers.

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      Hi, Mary, So glad to see you here!

      I’m not sure about that guidelines tab. So far, I haven’t been able to find a way to access it in the course building software. But, knowing that, I put the guidelines in the Resources folder. And yes, it’s one of those little bugs to figure out. I appreciate you letting me know about any technical issues you have.

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    Peggy Davis

    Hi, my name is Peggy. My go to place is anxiety when doing anything new, or that I don’t feel confident doing. Perfectionism, making a mistake – “If you can’t do a job right, don’t do it at all.” I’m attempting to learn to try and allow myself to be human in the process. I, too, can get things done that I love doing, but struggle getting things done that seem overwhelming in size, or that I think are boring or a major time drainer. That approach prevents me from beginning a project and contributes to unmanageability.

    I look forward to energy and contentment in accomplishing projects that are currently on my “to do list.” I would like to start and complete projects more often than not. I either don’t start, or don’t finish.

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    Welcome, Peggy!Good to have you aboard.

    struggle getting things done that seem overwhelming in size, or that I think are boring or a major time drainer. is exactly what I experience as well. We will be addressing all of these and more. Looking forward to working with you.

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    Lori Belk

    Hi, Im Lori Belk. It’s Sunday p.m., maybe you also can relate to the power of deadlines!

    I can absolutely relate to things both of you, Mary and Peggy D, spoke of. I loved “weird reluctance to do…” as it couldn’t better describe the way I’ve noticed that I just WON’T DO certain small tasks for a very long time, even relatively easy things, things that I feel bad about not doing. And when I finally do them, I think, “Gee, Lori, that was easy!” So now I’m already thinking about something to NOTICE and ACT ON in timely way. I will make that effort!

    Also “eleventy-thousand”…things to read or organize. I too resist starting and/or can’t finish big “time-drainer” projects. So I guess I should think more about breaking down tasks, as Peggy K mentioned. But I’ve known that for a long time, so I need more motivation. Here I am in the forum!

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    So good to see you here, Lori. I’m sure you’ll do well. I’ve seen you succeed doing difficult things because you are so determined. I look forward to working with you on this.

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    Peggy Davis

    It is so good to have “others” on this journey,welcome Mary and Lori! After reading your introduction Lori, I felt freedom from others knowing my secret, and felt joy at knowing I’m not alone. Àlso compassion for myself. Mostly, I’m glad that Peggy Kelesy has made this course her passion,that I’ve been blessed to be a part of.

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    Hello, this is Bill Kelsey, and I procrastinate on so many of my dreams and projects. I’m not getting any younger either. I look forward to accomplishing great and wonderful things as I get a booster from this course.

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    It’s so good to have you here, Bill. I’m excited to see you take charge of your procrastination and take action on your dreams, projects and great and wonderful things.

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    Hello, everyone! My name is Melissa Kelsey and sometimes I have a way of making myself very busy with everything except the thing I want to focus on the most. I am very passionate about health and exercise and I love how healthy I feel afterwards. However, on a daily basis I seem to be putting my health as one of my last priorities. Even though I have already recognized this about my life, it seems to be difficult to change.

    A quote that resonates with me is by Maya Angelou, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” I frequently feel a dissatisfaction between things I want to say and stories I want to tell ~ and my inability to actually focus on writing or even organize a consistent journal. It is really very difficult for me to get started ~ and if I get stuck I will be stuck for months and months.

    I really feel honored to learn some tips and advice from this class. Nice to meet everyone!

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    Hi, Melissa. Welcome! Hopefully, you’ll get a lot more than tips and advice from this course–that you’ll set up systems in your life that will encourage you to do the things you want to. I’m excited to work with you and see what writings come out of you.

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    Hello, everyone my name is Shogofa Amini I am sorry I joined this group a little bit late. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. So my problem I do put things at the last minute and then I forget it to do it. For example, I graduated from college last year, I had all planned it out about finding jobs, moving to D.C. But it all turned out different ways, I got an overwhelmed. Still, Iam working on to get a job and do things on time. Thanks Peggy for the videos it has been really helpful, I can see where I should focus more.

    I am very happy to join this group 🙂

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    Hello, Shogofa. So glad to see you here!

    Making plans is really great and necessary, but it’s also important to be flexible with those plans. It’s not only a way of acting, but also a way of being that you can develop through practice. Plans are important, but sometimes what intervenes and changes those plans is even better. The key is not to set your heart on your plans. It’s good when making plans to also make back-up plans as well.

    Plans help us feel secure, but if they don’t work out, it can feel really scary and we can become immobilized and overwhelmed. Back-up plans can give us a head start in getting going again.

    I wish you luck in finding the perfect job in a good place. BTW, DC is a great place, one with plusses and minuses, but there are other great places as well, so don’t reject the idea of moving to a different city if jobs in DC aren’t working out.

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    Hello, my name is Stacy and I’m a procrastinator. Sounds like AA, but in some ways it is. I have a habit that I want to break before it keeps me from being the best I can be. I have control over my choice to procrastinate or not, and often I choose to procrastinate. but once I’m on a project I enjoy it and wonder why I allowed myself to take so long to get started. It’s a mindset, but I still allow myself to become distracted, drag my feet and become lazy, and allow fear to take control. I hope this course can help me because I have a lot of work to do and tomorrow isn’t promised.

    I enjoy eating good food hanging & out with friends, but also enjoy alone time. As a baby boomer, cool jazz is my music of choice. Dancing and exercising til I sweat helps to burn the calories from all of the good eating. As a military wife, traveling has become a way of life and I take advantage of every opportunity to do so.

    Married for over 38 years to the same man, three children and four grand children.

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    Great to have you here, Stacy!

    Congratulations on the publication of your book. I KNOW what a huge project that is.

    Like with many of the students here, you have accomplished a LOT, and found a way around your tendency to procrastinate in your certain specific situation. Now the challenge is to find ways to help yourself make better choices of how you spend your time in other areas as well. I’m looking forward to working with you on this.

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