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    Peggy Davis

    Clearly I’ll be changing my go to phrase/word (shìt). Not only is it negative, it has a negative impact on me and my mindset. As was suggested, I’ll respond to myself like I would respond to a friend or my granddaughter; that is a totally different response than I’ve been saying to myself. I will acknowledge that I am frustrated and perhaps discouraged, as I planned on have the assignment finshed. Then suggest taking a short break to walk, go outside for a few minutes and be grateful for airconditioning! I’ll consider ideas that might improve my approach to accomplishing my goal. I believe that taking instructional computer courses could result in being faster and more proficient in doing my assignments. It would also help me to feel better about my skill set.

    Some phrases I’ll say are as follows:
    Doing something new requirès new skill sets; when Learning something new, it takes more time than doing something I’m familiar doing. It’s okay that it is taking more time and more attempts.
    It’s exciting to be learning a new approach to PROCRASTINATION!
    You can do this
    It’s okay if you start over numerous times, all of it counts toward being the person I will be.
    (Çhanged the tense of the verbs in this sentence several times!!!!) I want to reinforce I am in the process of being who I want to be!

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    Hi, Peggy,
    You might try substituting interesting for shit. This is good on so many levels. As you say above, it’s not negative, but also I’ve found a lot of times that the thing I’d respond to with shit, actually turns out to be a neutral thing or even good. By saying interesting, it helps you look at what might be interesting about what happened, whether that is my role in it happening or creative ways of dealing with it.

    It takes time to change one’s automatic response, but if every time you hear yourself say shit you replace it with interesting and then think for a moment about how it could be interesting, it will slowly develop into an automatic response. It worked for me.

    I really like your new responses. They are kind and loving. They will be much more effective in the long run for making those changes you’re looking for. Congratulations!

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    Lori Belk

    Hi Peggy in the course (I think I’ll call our course coordinator “Peg”):
    I COPIED your post—because I like it so much, and I’m so short of time just now. I too have some automatic words to change!
    Haven’t had a moment to respond to Bill’s posts (which I’ve seen on my phone, but I will, soon!

    This last week was so impossibly full that I got behind. I’ve only done the first lesson of Week 3. Will tackle ASAP.

    Did Power Pose photo, not sure how to upload.


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    To add a photo, it first needs to be posted somewhere online. Then click the img button (for image) in the gray area above. A drop-down will offer a field for you to place the URL of the picture.
    Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures out of Facebook.

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    Peggy Davis

    Àppreciate your response and suggestions, Peggy. I’m realizing the majority of this is çhanging negative habits and looking at the believes driving the bèhavior. Ànother aspect I’m working on is not taking myself so seriously. I know my powerposse, and it is plàyful in addition to being ipiring. Lori,I don’t know how to share a photo link. This is unveiling anothér unproductive belief, I’m suppose to know. Your asking helps me realize, I too can ask. I have some very limiting believes, not truthful, and worry too much about someone outside of me, opinion.

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    Love that your power pose is playful in addition to being inspiring.

    With your upcoming art classes, it will be interesting to see how they go if you can focus on being playful and not worry about whether you’re creating “good art” or not. If you continue in that mode, as you learn the needed skills, you might end up with better art than had you been really serious about it.

    What else can you do to bring playfulness in your life? (Lesson 15 will also be good for you in that regard.)

    You and Lori are my first line of defense in finding mistakes to fix, so any issue you have is most likely NOT your ineptitude, but my overlooking something. Your questions and feedback help me a LOT.

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    Most effective methods of gaining courage…..don’t think about it. I have found that the more I think about something I am afraid of doing, the more I procrastinate…so I try to be a woman of action. Granted I do have to prepare for action, but I find if I break projects into small bits (especially for written tasks), work a short time and then put the project away for another day rather than spending hours ruminating, I get more accomplished.
    Another method, for speaking engagements or meetings when I am briefing leadership, is to remind myself that I am the subject matter expert (SME). As the SME I take on the role as teacher, something I enjoy, and my fear dissipates.

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    Some phrases I will tell my self when I make a mistake….I don’t tend to beat myself up when I make mistakes, I make too many mistakes to do that….favorite phrase when I experience an unexpected setback? I took orders to a ship in Norfolk to move in with my Mom (sister, husband (long story), dog, cat and the other cat) to be with Mom in her remaining years. Unfortunately, her Lewey Body Dementia worsened rapidly and she died three weeks after I moved home. Rats, I am disappointed I didn’t get to spend more quality time with her, but I cannot go back and rewrite history. So…I have to embrace the situation I am in and move forward. I have the opportunity to remember my mother by working with my siblings and her church in planning her funeral. The funeral will be an opportunity to get together with family and friends to remember Mom and I am already thinking about the good work I can do to improve the medical department on board the ship. “It is what it is.”

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    My favorite mistaken belief…I am lazy. Procrastination pay off is being in control and not doing what someone else wants me to do. Sometimes I have to reset and remind myself many of the tasks I procrastinate over are ultimately in my best interest and I have to change my perspective.

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    I love that you realize that being lazy is a mistaken belief of yours. What a load off your shoulders it must be!

    Can you think of other things you can do to be in control when someone tells you to do something you don’t want to do?

    Wow, your method of gaining courage by not thinking about it is something I naturally do, but without realizing it. I think I will put that in the course. THANKS! A real key to what you said above is knowing when something is done for the day so you CAN put it away until the next.

    And to expand on your role as SME, are there other situations where you might be afraid, but you can act (at least internally) as a teacher?

    …embrace the situation I am in and move forward. This is a major key to happiness. I hope the funeral is a good experience for you.

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