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    Looking forward to learning about your most useful strategies and what tweaks you’ve made to them.

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    Peggy Davis

    My tendency is obliger. My secondary tendency is questioner. Im motivated by my perceived outside perceptions. I do enjoy learning and will sign up for classes on my own, I enjoy reading, being outside in nature, being active by walking, bicycling, would like to learn how to kayak. I enjoy drawing, art museums, other countries and cultures.

    The only memorable childhood successes were winning a coloring contest, roller skating, and bicycling.

    My parents parenting style did not lend to feeling capable and successful.

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    My guess is that obliger is the most common of the tendencies, especially among women. It’s a secondary one for me.

    So, how, in what specific instances, will you use this knowledge of your tendency to help you not procrastinate?

    Roller skating and bicycling are great memories that you can use to spur yourself on. Spend time with those memories and look for your successes within them. What qualities did they bring out?

    I remember I used to spend evenings rollerskating around in my garage which had a smooth cement surface. To keep it from being boring, I’d make up some simple tricks and spend hours practicing them. I don’t remember the tricks so much, but I do remember practicing and practicing until I could do them. When I need help with perseverance, I think back on those times.

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    I think my primary tendency is to RESIST ALL EXPECTATIONS with the secondary to question expectations (WHY?).
    My parents told me I was born with my mind made up….

    Childhood successes include: making my first article of clothing, a skirt, I was about 10. I also learned how to cook that year and my sister and I became accomplished riders (English saddle). Later, I was successful in Western style riding, although I didn’t own a horse, I was able to have a horse for the summers on the base where we lived and participated in competitions.

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    This is great. You have an ally in your Questioner, who can help convince your Resister of what you want to do.

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