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    I’m looking forward to hearing what strategies and habits you’ve discovered that work best for you.

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    Mae here, In my new job, i have discovered many requirements that have not been met and I am outlining the goals I need to accomplish over the next year or less…I am overwhelmed with the tasks needed to reach the goals. Fortunately, I have an excellent team for the next 4 – 6 months. I have started getting to the office at 430 to work on tasks related long term goals. This allows me uninterrupted time to work on major long term projects. I start my regular day at 600 reading email and prepping for the day. My first meeting is at 715. Patient care starts at 0830. I break for lunch, resume patient care, got to afternoon meetings and complete most of my patient notes before ending my work day (I may leave 1-3 notes for the next day if it is getting late, so I can catch up on email). Everything I do is in support of “the warfighter”. But, I still need to fit in exercise but I am having trouble getting motivated….recommendations?

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    Hi, Mae,

    Wow–you are so determined and organized. It’s really common (and perplexing) for us to have those productive qualities in the service of others but they somehow disappear when it comes to our own self-care. So, that’s where strategies come in. You’ve got the determination, you just need to see which strategy works for you. Here are some that might be useful.

    Pair the thing you don’t like to do with something you like, such as listening to a compelling audiobook that you only listen to while exercising.

    Rewards, both positive and negative work. I’d try a positive one first–it’s just more fun but if the negative one is odious enough, sometimes it can work better.

    Find a partner to exercise with.

    These can work, but for me and exercise, the only thing that keeps me consistent is having an accountability partner. This puts my exercise in the realm of something I have to do to meet my commitment rather than something I do to take care of myself.

    Being on a ship will bring challenges, but not insurmountable ones. I like having an in-person partner, but you can also do it long-distance. You two (or more) can be exercise intention partners, or even more. My partner and I each have 3 goals that are different but the same level of intensity. Your rewards would have to be virtual ones, but between you, I’m sure you can figure something out.

    If you like, you can use the forum as an intention partner for as long as you like, even after the course is over. You can go to this room: and write your parameters. I will check in and acknowledge that you met your weekly goal. You can decide to reward yourself either weekly or monthly. If you want to set that up, you could go to the link and say something like: I’m Mae and my goal is to exercise ___x/week doing this or that. If I meet my weekly goal for a month, I’ll [do something I like] that I’ll only do when I’m rewarding myself.

    Hope some of these work for you. If one you try doesn’t work, try another one until you find the exact combo or tweaking that works for you.

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