Guest Post: One & Done Organizing Rule

Guest Post: One & Done Organizing Rule

by Suzanne Holsomback



unicorn-1615680_1920What do unicorns have to do with getting organized?

Getting organized to be more productive or use your time more efficiently is like looking for a unicorn. It brings great hope and anticipation, but is hard work, constant, and sometimes elusive.

Organization in your physical and mental spaces is greatly needed, so ways to make it easier are essential.

However, with your ever expanding and interconnecting world you have a plethora of choices on how to organize your schedules or what tool, product, or app to use.

The reality is that there is something for everyone, every personality, action style, & learning style.

So how do you stay organized with so much choice?




My main tip for how to get organized, primarily with your schedule, is to pick just one organizing item, tool, or app, optimize it for your needs, use it, trust it, and go forth and be organized.

That sounds really simple, so let’s unpack a little of the complexity of the One & Done Rule.

Picking one tool sounds easy, but you might use multiple things to stay organized – like a paper day planner, a digital calendar, a wall calendar, and sticky notes all over your desk.

This can lead to overbooking, missing appointments, forgetting tasks, or being perpetually late for things, then confusion, frustration, and an eventual breakdown of the organizing system.

How does this happen? I think a number of people love the feel and look of paper organizers and have a habit of using paper, but feel like they should use digital because it is there, they want to use tech, they want to feel tech savvy or they want to play with the new gadget.  

If digital calendars don’t work for you, embrace that reality and move on. Just use the paper one. You are not behind the times.  If you constantly forget your day planner or forget to write things down, embrace the digital calendar – it is likely to always be with you.




Now that you have your one organizing tool, make it sing and dance for you! If you use paper, then get the dividers, special pages, stickies, colored pens – whatever helps you stay organized. Optimized that paper planner!

If you are using digital, then learn all the ins and outs of the calendar, how to make multiple calendars, how to sync them with email or other family members, how to set reminders, how to create recurring events.  If you have a need, then look for the solution.




You have your tool, you’ve optimized it, now use it. All.The.Time. Make the habit of carrying that planner. Make the habit of looking at your calendar first thing in the morning to see what you have planned. Write down/enter every appointment, every event, even fun time, drive time, and personal time.

The more you use a tool, the more you will trust it and the better it will work.




The One & Done Rule allows you to use the organizing tool that is easiest for you and that is what a good organizing system is all about – what works for YOU!

Go forth and be organized!



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Suzanne Holsomback, owner and lead organizer for Suzanne Holsomback, LLC, is an Austin, Texas-based holistic, professional organizer. She started organizing professionally in February 2014 & works individually with clients to get organized and manage their time better, so they can rest and enjoy the important things in life!

Suzanne’s background includes working for the Girl Scouts and the Oxford University Student Union as well as George W. Truett Theological Seminary. She holds a Bachelor of Art in Religion from Baylor University, a Master of Divinity from George W. Truett Seminary, and a Master of Philosophy in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford.

You can reach Suzanne at or via her website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

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