Prioritizing and the One & Done Rule

Prioritizing and the One & Done Rule

I was going to write about how I use my paper calendar to keep myself organized, but since it’s so big and bulky, I rely on my phone calendar when I’m out and about. But as I sat down to write, an incoming text reminded that I’d missed a greatly-anticipated event earlier in the week. So, what kind of an example am I?!?


Narrow Your Focus and Notify Those Who Are Affected


When I looked back at my calendar, I saw what happened. The event was there in the proper time slot, but right above it I’d scheduled shooting the videos for my upcoming course. As I began the video work, I told myself that I was going to stick with it till it was finished. Unfortunately, rather than being a quick, easy endeavor, it ended up taking more time than I’d anticipated or scheduled. My strong resolve to finish caused me to blank out on everything else that needed to be done. Looking back, I know that skipping the event was the best thing, but had skipping it been planned, I would have given the organizers a heads up. Now I have to write them an apology.

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The Importance of Prioritizing


So, what I would add to Suzanne’s guest blog post last week is the importance of prioritizing. Not only do we need to make our to-do lists and schedule our appointments in a simplified system, but we need to take a close look at each activity we schedule to make sure that it is moving us toward our goals.

When we know our yearly, monthly and weekly goals, (both personal and business) it’s easier to make a judgment as to whether on any given day, this activity or that meeting aligns with those goals.

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