Six Facts about Grit

Six Facts about Grit

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I’m so excited! My partner, Leslie and I are creating our next course, Grit!

Grit includes courage, determination, and the ability to make yourself do what needs to be done, even when it’s hard and you don’t want to do it. Grit is an important part of becoming successful and creating a life meaningful to you.

  1. Becoming gritty boils down to your decision, in any given moment, to do what it takes to do or get what you want. With that choice you are taking one step toward a future different from the one you were pointed toward before that decision.
  2. That one decision will make a huge difference, but you will find yourself needing to make it over and over. Even the grittiest person decides in each moment whether she will move toward or away from her goals.
  3. Awareness that you are facing a moment of decision at various times throughout your day is the first step. At first you may not wake to the fact that your current activity is keeping you from your goal until you’ve wasted a significant amount of time, but with practice, you will notice sooner and sooner.
  4. Also, with practice, new habits will take the place of counter-productive ones. Even so, maintaining an awareness of your opportunities to decide is critical.
  5. It’s important to keep your goal firmly in the front of your mind. One useful strategy is to post reminders around the area where you typically face the choice to procrastinate as opposed to accomplishing your goals.
  6. Some people are naturally grittier than others. But anyone can make the choice to take steps to create a more rewarding life for himself and develop the quality of grit.


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