What I Learned from my Procrastination


I had entertained the idea of developing my book into an online course for several years, but saw that the only way to do this was to collaborate with someone skilled in Instructional Design. I had no funds available to pay for that. But during a book tour I was made aware of a certificate program offered by the University of Washington that would teach me the skills I needed. So, I signed up.

I also decided that rather than create courses around my book as a first project, I would instead teach people how to do a project of their own, much as I had created the Afghan Women’s Project. I’d seen the tremendous effects that doing such a project had made in my own life. I knew that I had a wealth of information to share that could help Afghans directly as well as other people across the globe.

My courses would focus on overcoming personal hurdles that get in the way of endeavors becoming successful and began with the topic of procrastination. I’d never thought of myself as a procrastinator before, but now I got to watch myself procrastinate big time as I struggled with new concepts and new software.

As an occasional procrastinator, I began to notice which kinds of work triggered my inclination to procrastinate. My own penchant is to notice my procrastination, implement some tactics, and push through. Sometimes, however, especially in the creative stages of a project, I found that the resistance I’d been feeling actually was a sign that I should reconsider aspects of the project. Then, I would ask myself questions about the project from a neophyte’s, my role models’, and my audience’s points of view, and make relevant adjustments. When I’d see that, yes, everything is how it needs to be, and my resistance is within myself, I’d address the situation using tactics I’d honed and move forward.

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