VIDEO 2: Fear isn’t necessarily something to be afraid of. Yes, it may be uncomfortable, but you can make it your friend. Find out how inside.


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What People Are Saying About Transform Your Procrastination…

Peggy Davis, Testimonial, Raving Fan, Course Learner, Transform Your World, Transform Your procrastination, peggy kelsey, online coursesIt’s Truly Transformational!

Peggy Kelsey has produced a course that covers so many aspects of procrastination through a varied format of weekly topic lessons that contain a wealth of information, Forum, examples, rewards, forms, responses, twits, etc. to be able to understand the topic and to start immediately addressing the many and varied reasons around procrastination.

The work begins immediately to address and change the habits into habits that bring a more rewarding response than procrastinating.

For me, the Forum added a much appreciated aspect to the course. I was able to connect with others on a personal level who shared the same issues and read about how it impacted their life, and also how the course techniques helped them transform their approach to be more rewarding. This sharing added a value by making it real, and being able to be open and share to see our similarities and ways that help.

It helped me accept myself, through being able to accept them.

Transform Your Procrastination