3 Steps to Stop Your Procrastination

How do you change your world? Let’s start with Procrastination…


1. Commit Yourself, Big Time.

The first step in changing any habit is to commit yourself. There are several mini-steps within the Commitment step: first, commit fully to yourself. Don’t say, “I think I’ll change” or “I should stop procrastinating” but say instead “I WILL stop procrastinating, and I WILL start the Do It Now habit.”

Next, put it on paper. Write down, exactly which habit you are changing, and what habit you are replacing it with. Write down a deadline, and write down a plan to create this new habit (and kick the old one). See below for more details on your plan.

Third, keep referring back to your commitment. This can include posting reminders or putting symbols of your commitment where you will see them often.


2. Monitor yourself.

You can’t change something if you are not aware that it is happening. As with any habit, we often act while on autopilot. So instead of working on that report, we might unthinkingly open up our favorite blog, our email program, or solitaire. The key is to become aware of those urges. So for the first few days, don’t try to change your habit. Just monitor your impulses, noticing when and where they are most likely to show up.


3. Practice, and practice some more.

Do your new habit, every day for at least 30 days. Try not to make any exceptions, ever. Making exceptions weakens your new habit. But if you make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just start again. With practice, practice, and more practice, and you will begin to get good at it.


This is an excerpt from the Lifehack article 3 Steps to Kick the Procrastination Habit

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