VIDEO 3: Why are you afraid?

This video focuses on tools you can use to calm yourself when you’re in the throes of fear.



Another Rave Review…

Worth the Effort

Lori Belk, rave review, course testimonial, online course, procrastination course, transform your procrastinationThe [Transform Your Procrastination] course is a 7-week commitment, but if you have determination and time, it is definitely worth the effort.

Peggy has mined many, many sources of ancient and contemporary wisdom, and has put together a package that is not only entertaining, but also extremely motivating. She makes it clear that one can think about and try different practices and then choose to use the ones that work best.

By posting to the FORUM whenever suggested, one can better clarify one’s own thoughts, and in reading others’ postings, one gets other good ideas. I took her suggestion to take notes and to journal for myself when I was inspired to and, together, all of this has served to place in my active consciousness many clearer understandings of old habits and of easy ways to regularly feel more positive and be more effective. Ultimately, the habits fostered have made me feel stronger and really are allowing me to make the better decisions for getting important things accomplished.

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