Back to Work After Vacation: 4 Tips to Regain Your Groove

Back to Work After Vacation: 4 Tips to Regain Your Groove

One of my biggest challenges is getting back to work after a vacation. Rather than drag my laptop along so I can try to keep up with email and knock out a little work in between sightseeing and relaxing, I chose to leave it at home and take a sorely-needed real break. (Good for me!)

Fine and dandy until I’m back home and I open my computer. The mountain of last week’s emails and undone tasks overwhelms me and most of the rejuvenation from my vacation evaporates. I just feel tired and want to crawl under the covers. This difficulty re-entering my life makes me reluctant to take time off.


Back to Work Re-acclimation Guidelines

To counter this, I created four guidelines.

  1. Schedule your trip so that you have a full day to re-acclimate into your personal life before tackling any business work.
  2. During this Re-acclimation Day, handle all of your personal chores: unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Then briefly look over the bigger picture of your business starting with your mission and vision, continuing on to your yearly goals, monthly goals, and finally, what you want to accomplish in the coming week. Then plan out tomorrow’s work day.
  3. Back at work, spend no more than two hours with digital cleanup chores—email, checking spam folders, etc. There may be more to do, but schedule that for another two-hour session the following day. Tackling it all in one day may feel great when it’s all done, but more likely it will just drag you down, making you less efficient with the process.
  4. In the evening of that first day back at work, I spend some time reviewing, Photoshopping, and organizing pictures from the trip. Doing this helps me get back some of the fun from the trip and carry it through the coming weeks.


When I follow these guidelines, my first day back to work flows… [and I don’t feel blah and stuck like I really did because I didn’t follow these guidelines. 🙂 ]


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