Is there a big dream inside of you?

You have these big dreams — writing that novel, creating your portfolio, starting that project, formulating your dissertation. Though you may get excited thinking about the possibilities, you know that you’ll never do it. For many reasons, there’s something inside you that always seems to get in the way. Opportunities are squandered away until months, years, or even decades have passed by.

Does this HAVE to be true?

  • What if there is a guaranteed way* to put you in control over your procrastination?
  • 94% believe that procrastination can have a negative impact on their happiness*
  • 25% identified themselves as chronic procrastinators in a 2012 survey*

Why would anyone settle for unhappiness?

My passion and purpose is to help bring big dreams into the world by supporting creators in overcoming the grip that procrastination has on their lives.

You’re Not Alone

I was bitten by a big dream back in 2002. I met a delegation of Afghan women who traveled to my city – Austin, Texas – for an event. The women I met were very much like you or me, and so different any any depiction I’d seen of them in the media. As a professional photographer, I decided that I could make a difference.

It was in that moment when I decided I should go to Afghanistan, photograph and interview women there and bring back their images and stories to the West. My project preparations went well, as long as I was doing things I already had confidence in. But so much of it was outside of that comfort zone – forming an organization, raising money, speaking to groups and asking for support. At one point, I watched myself procrastinate on crucial tasks. I needed to face the things I was avoiding or I would never make it to Afghanistan.

I asked myself, “Are you doing this or not? Is this a serious pursuit?”

This was the beginning of me teaching myself how to face these fears. The strategies I learned and developed made it possible for me to go to Afghanistan twice and deliver multimedia presentations internationally and across the US about these amazing women. By the time I finished writing my book, Gathering Strength: Conversations with Afghan Women, I could identify which strategies work best for me and in which situations.

When It’s More Than A Temporary Situation

Procrastination often reflects our continual struggle with self-control and truly knowing ourselves. How can you accurately predict how you will feel tomorrow or the next day?

When the “I don’t feel like it” exceeds our goals, we’re in trouble. It is okay in small doses. But when it triggers a downward spiral of negative emotions and avoidance, not feeling like it can discourage your future efforts – especially when it causes us to miss our goals.

I’ve been struggling with procrastination for years. I’ve read books and articles and taken a few video courses. I applied their techniques and some of them helped for awhile, but I always slipped back into my old habits.

This course was different. It helped me see where I was sabotaging myself and it involved me by making me do things, not just read or watch.

I learned about procrastination and about myself. It showed me how I can use my strengths to transform myself in this and other areas of my life.

- Maggie (M. F. Photographer)

A lot of the questions asked in the course really hit home and helped me figure out why I put certain tasks off. Now that I know the root behind my procrastination, I’m in a much better place to move forward. Hearing that uncompleted tasks zap my energy was definitely a light bulb moment for me.

If you struggle with procrastination (even just a little bit), this course will give you the tools to push through and complete your tasks

– Jill C. Educator, South Korea

Tips, Tricks & Techniques Aren’t Working

Maybe you have read some of the numerous books and articles that offer tips and strategies to help you do those things you need to do. Adopting a few tips may help somewhat, but your procrastination mostly still runs the show. These tips and tricks seem like bandages for a deeper wound.

To successfully take control over your procrastination, you need:

  • Introspection into how, why, when and in which circumstances you tend to procrastinate
  • To adapt the right strategies and customize them to your own personality and situation
  • A community to support you without judgment, one that will hold you accountable and where you can get the needed encouragement.
  • To address your procrastination from many different angles, perspectives, and levels.
  • An expert available to personally answer your questions, address your unique situation, and help keep you on track,

Transform Your Procrastination

I’ve created a course that goes beyond tactics and guides you in taking an in-depth look at your particular personality, situations and habits, especially those revolving around your procrastination and productivity. You will use this information to guide yourself in setting up processes and adapting strategies to fit you like a glove. Additionally, I will coach you through it all in the Transformation Community Forum.

After completing the course, creators and anyone struggling with procrastination can see themselves in a more positive light and feel greater confidence.

  • They are not afraid to take on projects that may be outside of their comfort zone.
  • Others notice the improvement in their confidence and ability to get things done.
  • A community to support you without fear of judgment, hold you accountable where you can get the needed encouragement.
  • They find it easier to earn more money, have more adventures and more time for the fun things they want to do.
  • Some have started projects that will be part of their legacy.
  • The shame of being a procrastinator does not come up in private or public anymore. In fact, they regularly feel joy and pride in their accomplishments.
  • Integrity and accountability are more ingrained. They become the people you can regularly count on to do what they say they’ll do.

The amount of researched information, along with a complete and thorough weekly topic to learn and address procrastination, is beyond amazing, it’s transformational!

— Peggy D, legal assistant

How To Get Started

How much are your dreams worth? When someone asked me this question, I replied with a million dollars. That is a lot more than you will ever be asked to pay for my courses or products. I’ve made this course as affordable as possible and manageable for your absolute success.

Cost: $479.00

Timeline: 20 Lessons Delivered Over 21 Weeks

I’m so confident that you will be satisfied with this course that I guarantee it.

If, at the end of two weeks you find that this course is not for you, then you get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

If you complete the course, have participated in each lesson’s forum, and are not satisfied with the amount of control you’ve achieved over your procrastination, then you can get a 100% refund.

What are the Common Ways we Procrastinate?

  • Staying in that job where you feel stuck and dissatisfied.
  • Not tackling bad habits such as smoking, excess drinking, or overeating.
  • Avoiding a confrontation with a friend, significant other, spouse, or boss.
  • Using the I’d do it if I had time excuse when challenged about what is undone.
  • Criticizing how others behave rather than taking action yourself.
  • Starting papers and projects so late that you do have little chance to be successful.
  • Putting off menial or unpleasant tasks such as cleaning your home, doing laundry, or going grocery shopping.
  • Becoming ill on the day when you’re needed as part of something unpleasant.

The Three Ways Transform Your Procrastination will help you take control over how you spend your time

#1 Practice and tweaking of strategies to counteract your procrastination #2 Set up accountability with yourself and others #3 Experience giving and receiving support from people like you as you encourage each other in reaching your goals.

These relationships can continue in the Graduate Room of the Transformation Community Forum after you’ve completed the course. The conversations there can widen to other productivity issues once you’ve completed the course. Peggy will coach you throughout the course via this forum.

Procrastination becomes a quick excuse for not doing something. Peggy Kelsey’s “Change Your World” [now Transform Your World] course helps us understand what procrastination really is and why we do it.

She is a thoughtful guide, encouraging us to recognize why we do not complete tasks and providing reflective assignments to discover personal strategies for success. The course’s presentations are interspersed with humor, and Peggy makes continuing to learn an enjoyable, as well as fruitful, journey.

- Laura (e-Learning Specialist)

The biggest takeaway for me was noticing and understanding the excuses I made on a regular basis. I realized that previously I would not question my excuses, but when I did, they sounded weak even to me. After completing this course, I feel empowered and able to change my habits for the better.

- Carin (C.W. Entrepreneur)

About the Founder of Transform Your World
Peggy Kelsey

Peggy learned first-hand the importance of working through the things holding her back when she created The Afghan Women’s Project and wrote, Gathering Strength: Conversations with Afghan Women.

Through these huge projects, she developed and tweaked the processes that helped her become successful. In her quest to make the world a better place, Peggy realized that empowering and inspiring others to succeed in THEIR own projects would create the biggest effect.

Outside of her work, Peggy balances her life by spending time with her husband and children, photographing nature and her travels, and reading.

My vision is to be the catalyst for thousands of endeavors that otherwise would have died on the vine.

Why should I bother with this? I’m a procrastinator and nothing I’ve ever done has changed that.

One of the issues Transform Your Procrastination addresses is changing the procrastinator part of your identity. Each time you redirect your procrastination back to your task, you will be installing the building blocks of your new Accomplishing identity. By the time the course is complete, you will have come to see and experience yourself in a new light.

How will this course keep me interested?

Videos and slides are only part of Transform Your Procrastination. It also includes activities, such as answering quizzes that give you insight into your own procrastination habit, keeping a procrastination-redirect log, reflecting on your own processes in the journal assignments, and making a commitment to improve by an amount that you choose. You are given a structured way to experiment with the strategies and have fun in the process.

How can I find the time?

The course stretches out over 20 weeks to allow you time to practice the strategies and integrate them into your life. Each week you can expect to spend about an hour or less going through the information. You will spend additional time logging your procrastination redirects and strategy experiments as well as writing in your journal and interacting in the forum. On the other hand, you will SAVE time as you begin to procrastinate less.

How do I know that this will work?

Transform Your Procrastination is not for everybody. Like anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get out. This course is designed to engage you in a program that works on your procrastination from different angles and at different levels. It provides one-on-one support as you take what you learn in the course and adapt it to yourself.

I’m so confident that this course will change your relationship with procrastination that I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee to anyone who goes through the course completely, engages in the forum during each of the 20 lessons, and at the end does not feel satisfied with their progress.

I’d like to say a few things about my valuable experience with the Procrastination Course. Transform Your Procrastination is a 21-week commitment, but if you have determination and time, it is definitely worth the effort.

Peggy has mined many, many sources of ancient and contemporary wisdom, and has put together a package that is not only entertaining, but also extremely motivating. She makes it clear that one can think about and try different practices and then choose to use the ones that work best.

By posting to the FORUM whenever suggested, one can better clarify one’s own thoughts, and in reading others’ postings, one gets other good ideas. I took her suggestion to take notes and to journal for myself when I was inspired to, and together, all of this has served to place in my active consciousness many clearer understandings of old habits and of easy ways to regularly feel more positive and be more effective.

Ultimately, the habits fostered have made me feel stronger and really are allowing me to make the better decisions for getting important things accomplished.

--Lori B, ESL instructor at ACC

Transform Your Procrastination

If you are fed up with the ways procrastination has played out in your life and you are determined to take control over it, then Transform Your Procrastination may be for you.

You will be asked to dig deep, write journal assignments, keep a log and make a commitment to reduce your procrastination by an amount you choose. Your determination to do this, along with the information, introspection and one-on-one support from Transform Your Procrastination can change your life.

What You Will Learn In Transform Your Procrastination

  • Peggy’s Top 4 Strategies to avoid procrastination before it starts
  • 3 qualities of Procrastinators and what to do about them
  • Components of a sustainable work schedule
  • Perspectives and tactics that help you deal with fear
  • Different approaches for chronic vs. occasional procrastinators
  • Setting up a reward system that works for you
  • Changing your self-talk from negative to positive
  • 5 tactics for applying strategies to make them work best
  • Dealing with 7 environmental factors that lead you to procrastinate
  • 5 ways to find enjoyment in doing your dreaded tasks
  • 7 tips for staying on task and keeping your creative juices flowing
  • 13 Suggestions for making your strategies sustainable


Module 1 Beginning Your Transformational Journey with Psychological Understanding and Setting up Systems.

Module 2 Identify Your Procrastination Style, Understanding the Kinds of Procrastination, and Practicing Approaches to Quiet the Inner Saboteur.

Module 3 Facing and Overcoming Fear, Self-Talk and Sabotaging Beliefs.

Module 4 See Your Vulnerabilities and Triggers, Then Get Tools to Avoid Them.

Module 5 Customize Your Procrastination Strategies to Increase Motivation and Enjoyment.

Module 6 Develop Skills and Habits to Set Intentions and Goals, and Implement New Strategies to Stay on Task.

Module 7 Setting Your Commitment to Productivity and Practicing.

My vision is to be the catalyst for thousands of endeavors that otherwise would have died on the vine.