The Secret to Your Productivity Success

Are you struggling to get things done? Implementing just a few specific actions can put you in that inspired, productive frame of mind.

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Now that I know the root behind my procrastination, I’m in a much better place to move forward. Hearing that uncompleted tasks zap my energy was definitely a light bulb moment for me. If you struggle with procrastination (even just a little bit), this course will give you the tools to push through and complete your tasks.
– Jill C. Educator, South Korea
I’ve been struggling with procrastination for years. I’ve read books and taken a few video courses, but I always slipped back into my old habits. Through this course, I learned about procrastination and about myself. It showed me how I can use my strengths to transform myself in this and other areas of my life.
Photographer, Raving Fan, Reviews, Transform Your World. Peggy Kelsey
– Maggie (M. F. Photographer)
The biggest takeaway for me was noticing and understanding the excuses I made on a regular basis. I realized that previously I would not question my excuses, but when I did, they sounded weak even to me. After completing this course, I feel empowered and able to change my habits for the better.
– Carin (C.W. Entrepreneur)

About Peggy Kelsey

Founder of Transform Your World Courses

Peggy learned first hand the importance of working through the things holding her back when she created The Afghan Women’s Project and wrote, Gathering Strength: Conversations with Afghan Women. Through these huge projects, she developed and tweaked the processes that helped her become successful.

In her quest to make the world a better place, Peggy realized that empowering and inspiring others to succeed in THEIR own projects would create the biggest effect.

Outside of her work, Peggy balances her life by spending time with her husband and children, photographing.

This short video can make a big impact in your life today.

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