Cultivate Creativity with Curiosity

Cultivate Creativity with Curiosity

Creativity is a Skill

I’ve talked with a lot of people who believed they weren’t creative, but when we looked into it more deeply, we found that although they don’t see themselves as artists, they are, in fact, creative as they go about their lives. Solving the perplexing problems that naturally occur in one’s business or life benefits from creativity. Creativity expresses itself in many forms, not just formal art. It is a skill that can be developed.

Cultivating curiosity  is one of the most efficient ways to develop creativity. Creative people, like myself, use our curiosity to examine our daily actions and routines and creativity to transform them into ways of working and being productive that suit our own personalities and goals. The simple act of inquiry guides us in finding opportunities to reshape our experiences and adapt our activities, leading us to the results we want. Experimentation and evaluating those experiments fine tune our experience.


Cultivate Curiosity and Creativity

You can use the following three ideas to foster curiosity and creativity in all areas of your life:

1. Expose yourself to things you don’t normally pay attention to. Innovations aren’t created in a vacuum. I often find that the greater the diversity of stories, and articles (both fiction and non-fiction) I read or videos I watch, the more elements and perspectives I have to apply to projects I’m working on.

2. Give yourself time to wander.  “A truly curious person knows that she doesn’t always know what she wants to know about.” Wander in your mind, in physical bookstores, in nature. As you wander, open yourself to random thoughts. Follow where they lead in your imagination. Explore any questions that arise along the way.

3. Don’t be afraid of questions without answers. In school, many of us were taught that the purpose of questions is to find answers. Going beyond that and questioning for the sake of deepening the inquiry is satisfying and can lead to ideas you hadn’t considered.

Developing your own style of creativity via a curious outlook adds richness and satisfaction to your professional and private life. Read my previous three blogs on cultivating curiosity here.  


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