Finding Your Ideal Work-Life Balance

Finding Your Ideal Work-Life Balance

6 Quick Tips for Work-Life Balance

Finding the ideal work-life balance can be tricky! Don’t forget that it’s important to have at least some time every day that is just for you, especially when you’re balancing work and life with child-rearing. I’ve shared some ideas that work for me below…

Do you have tips or tricks that help you create the right work-life balance? Please share in the comments!


1. Figure out your priorities—business, home, social, self-care. Be sure to prioritize self-care so that you don’t get sick or burn out!


2. Look at things that take a long time and see if there’s a way to shorten the time spent; go out for coffee instead of a long dinner.


3. Multitask and overlap things. Listen to an podcast you enjoy while working out or doing some other recurring task. But not just any podcast or music. Studies show that when you chose a particular podcast, audio book or music set that you ONLY listen to while exercising (or doing another recurring task) the desire to listen becomes a potent motivator.


4. Plan your “me-time” ahead of time: taking a yoga class, lying back reading a novel, watching a lighthearted film.  Keep a “me-do” list of ways to enjoy your “me-time”, in case you come up with an unexpected extra 15 minutes during your day.


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5. Plan your quitting time and then stick to it. One way is to schedule in a buffer time right before the end of your day so you can deal with last minute things that come up and leave your office on time.


6. Give yourself at least half a day of time off every week. Try not to fill it with chores! Do something physical (or creative) and fun.


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