Five Steps to Finding the Gems in your Resistance

Five Steps to Finding the Gems in your Resistance

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Yesterday was one of THOSE days. I didn’t want to work. I piddled around with email longer than I should have (my efficient morning routine isn’t automatic yet) but finally put myself to work. Now I’m on editing. Not so enticing, but very necessary. Ugh. For the most part, it’s not creative work, so I just need to focus and do it; put in my allotted 4 hours. I rarely feel this way when I’m working on my courses. Usually, I’m inspired and I wake up eager to get to work, even if that work is editing.

Finally, I made myself sit down to work, but after a short while, I really just wanted to be done with it all. I looked out the window at the feeding birds.  I replenished their supply. I felt a craving for food (not hunger, just a yearning to entertain my mouth) and made myself something to eat. I kept looking at the clock, calculating how long till my next scheduled break. Then it dawned on me that while most of the course deals with how to get yourself started on a task, what about those other times, THESE times, when I find myself wanting to quit?

I began making new slides to address this issue and before I knew it, my workday was over. This morning, I woke inspired to get back to my editing.

It’s different for everyone, and for me, it’s different at different times.  This time, However, I let Procrastination be my teacher, telling me there was something else I had to do. In general, when I find myself procrastinating, it’s often a signal that I need to look more deeply into my resistance to see what gems lie hidden there.

To get at that:

  1. Notice your resistance. (Even just noticing is a big step forward because then you have a choice to take one action or another.)
  2. Ask yourself, is this really the best time to be doing your task? Is there something else you should do first?
  3. Is there is another, perhaps better way to go about your task?
  4. Is there another way to view your task? Do you need a different perspective?
  5. If you find that right now really is the best time and you’re going at it in the best way, ask yourself, what strategies can help you buckle down and just do it?

Many of the posts on the Transform Your World Facebook page offer strategies to deal with procrastination. To tackle your procrastination in an organized and comprehensive way, take my course, Transform Your Procrastination.


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