Lori Belk

It’s Lori here. I’m probably the Occasional type P-or, but this morning’s introspections so far (noted down from Peggy K’s question prompts) include these:

The multiple accomplishments of the week that weren’t finished just because they were on the list (no well thought-out actual capital-T Tasks delineated for the course yet) got done because of 1)


OR 2)


EXAMPLES: 1) My new class starts Monday, one I know the material for very well, but which has just come out in a 4th, more streamlined edition, with added online component that’s never been available before (that of course I must explore).
2) I realized I could change my route home after work to pass the plumber’s street and catch him in to look at the used toilet he’d offered to sell me and install for $150. (Decided to go with Home Depot.)

Enough anecdote. I got several useful ideas from Wk 2, lesson 1:

– Specific advice at the beginning of the module re catching myself in a Decision Moment: 1) Am I telling myself a story about the Task? 2) Too much focus on my (feared) shortcomings? 3) It really is time to consciously CHOOSE WHO I AM and WHO I WILL BE, and therefore be stricter with myself and make the right choice. 4) Figure out how much depression plays in. I know there is some.

– Very useful to consider: 1) Is there any inner conflict re the Task? 2) Do those things put on the list a hundred times have a commonality? Yes, I’m sure that one thing I don’t do is reach out to do interpersonal interactions. It’s especially important for me to do these things because I’m unmarried and without children— 2 things that make interpersonal interaction omnipresent in most people’s lives.

– Is it work I don’t like? Yes, the considerable bureaucratic work (that involves the ever-changing computer work) required for my teaching job.
– Is it work I don’t know how to do? Too often yes, that bureaucratic computer-work. Makes me nuts. I’m very grateful that my work made me keep up with the information age as much as it has, but still, I’m no computer-native. Of course friends with kids have a real advantage here. Thank goodness I have a 20-hour-a week salaried tutoring lab job and can ask colleagues for help, though they’re often struggling too.