I want to comment on what I learned from the Saboteur exercise. I first did it over a decade ago. At first, I was horrified and recoiled at the thought that I would do that to myself since sabotage is such a strongly negative word. But when I looked into it and myself, I saw how my saboteur does provide a useful function that sometimes is helpful, but mostly is not.

What I saw was that when I was afraid of something, or afraid to do something, I’d piddle around, wasting time until it was too late, causing me to miss out on doing that scary thing. My saboteur was just doing its job, trying to keep me comfortable and happy! Once I realized that that’s what was going if so, it was easier to look at the thing I was afraid of doing, ask myself if it was, in fact, good for me to do, make a plan to do it, and most importantly, put it on my schedule.