Lori Belk

Re the instruction to think of someone who personifies “accomplishing”, I thought of Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” and Glynn Washington who does “Snap Judgment” radio on Sunday mornings after “On the Media” (<–those hosts could also have been listed).
Amy’s advice to me would be to do what is right. Glynn Washington might advise me to start attempting to create interesting monologues.

I also journalled briefly regarding the course recommendation to create a vision of my future self, and answer the question of what version of myself do I want to be. My thought was that I COULD start putting some attention to the idea of, when retired within the next couple years, teaching at a place I know of in Korea—for the particular side benefits of being able to explore nearby places I’ve wanted to go to. Good idea, Lori!

So I also briefly seriously Sabateur role-played, choosing to do it regarding the only capital-T Task I have (so far), but one that has a couple of specific actions involved that have been put on my lists too many times. And Sabateur pointed out to me the following:
Some avoidance of specific things (invoving making social connections) that I have been intending to do perhaps/probably has to do with the TONS OF ACCUMULATED SUB-CONSCIOUS FEELINGS OF GUILT FOR NOT HAVING DONE IT, that in avoiding it, I’m actually avoiding my guiltiness.
So: now when I actually have the time to tackle one, I can remind myself of Amy Goodman’s advice to do the right thing, and I’ll do it then if I can!

(And regarding the idea from Glynn Washington, since I know I can write and I know that I have interesting thoughts, if I DO consider thinking about creating a monologue on a topic, I know that the excitement of being creative will be very good for me.)

I hope you other participants are all well!