Peggy Davis

The most challenging part of a large project is knowing how to start, meaning breaking it down into small tasks and knowing how to schedule appropriate time.

I’m currently using the revised log to help me be aware of how I’m using my time; learning how to schedule that provides time for all aspects of life, exercise, social, meditation, fàmily, hobbies. Being retired from full-time to part time has been very challenging for me. I knew how to schedule when working full-time and only having weekends and holidays. I’m in the process of learning how to schedule with the new time freedom. I’m àble to schedule appointments during the week, shop for groceries, take classes, and it is a learning process. I’m currently wearing braces, so have had several dental and orthodontist appointments.The last 2 weeks of July I’ll have the opportunity to keep my granddaughter on the days I’m not working and I’m thrilled! I’ll be starting my art class July 20th, meeting weekly for 8 weeks. For the first time I’m feeling a little overwhelmed since retirement. I’m àlso very excited to have the freedom to be able to do so many activities that I want to do.

Whèn feeling stressed, I’m attempting to know that this is life, that it is circumstantial, and tomorrow is another day.

Peggy, I appreçicated your comments and will definitely think of you, when considering my decision òf how to use my time.