Peggy Davis

Clearly I’ll be changing my go to phrase/word (shìt). Not only is it negative, it has a negative impact on me and my mindset. As was suggested, I’ll respond to myself like I would respond to a friend or my granddaughter; that is a totally different response than I’ve been saying to myself. I will acknowledge that I am frustrated and perhaps discouraged, as I planned on have the assignment finshed. Then suggest taking a short break to walk, go outside for a few minutes and be grateful for airconditioning! I’ll consider ideas that might improve my approach to accomplishing my goal. I believe that taking instructional computer courses could result in being faster and more proficient in doing my assignments. It would also help me to feel better about my skill set.

Some phrases I’ll say are as follows:
Doing something new requirès new skill sets; when Learning something new, it takes more time than doing something I’m familiar doing. It’s okay that it is taking more time and more attempts.
It’s exciting to be learning a new approach to PROCRASTINATION!
You can do this
It’s okay if you start over numerous times, all of it counts toward being the person I will be.
(Çhanged the tense of the verbs in this sentence several times!!!!) I want to reinforce I am in the process of being who I want to be!