Hi, Mae, Great to see you here.

Time off is a great reward. Making a list of things you would love to do during that time off can be helpful when it comes to setting up your reward system in Lesson 3. And with music, it’s a good idea to choose a few special songs that you play only as a reward. After awhile, hearing those songs anytime will help you feel like you’ve accomplished something. That feeling of accomplishment can be very helpful in helping you see yourself accurately, meaning see your own greatness. When you do feel it, stop and savor it awhile. Breathe it in and let it radiate out through your body.

It’s so common to see great things in others but not be able to see it in ourselves. This forum will be a good (and safe) place to talk positively about yourself. From what I saw when we met, you have a LOT to be proud of. On the other hand, it seems like you may not have a feel for what is actually bragging and what is just acknowledging your good qualities or your efforts. I think one key is when you talk specifically about something you accomplished, such as, I passed that course and they told me I was great at this and that vs. I was the best and I’m really great at this.