Peggy Davis

The 3 environmental factors that impact me are:
Lack of sleep;
Task is set by me, therefore I don’t make it a priority; and
Invitations from friends.

Strategies for overcoming these fàctors – sleep has been a lifelong issue for me. I attempt to go to bed at the same time daily, exercise, and clear my mind.
When a task is set by me, I can màke it a priority by putting it on my calendar, working 15 – 30 minutes every time it is scheduled, break it down into pieces, have small rewards when complete a piece, select a big reward for completing the entire project. Something that is realistic monitarially, time-wise, and that will motivate me.

To address invitations from friends, to check my calendar and see if it can be scheduled on another day, to let the friend know that I’m currently working on a project and will contact them in 2-3 weeks when I’m available.