Mary Word

Hi, this is Mary, playing catch-up… I started week one a month ago, and had hoped my entries from then would carry over, because I finished all the tasks! But I don’t think they did. Then we got a week off, and I fell off the wagon. Week 2 coincided with a week at a retreat with no cell and little wifi, so I am well behind now.
So let’s see, I am playing catch up tonight and plan to go through the week 2 lessons before bed. Meanwhile, I will write a bit while supper is cooking.
Something from last year that I was proud of finishing: my gate. Now, it has not yet been installed because it is still sitting in the garage waiting on gilder’s paste and a wax coat. So this is a mixed success story. Last year I took a 2 weekend welding for sculpture class, and I decided that I wanted to make a gate. Most of the class made small sculptures, some really cool ones, but I wanted my gate. It was a lot of work for 2 weekends. It would have been very easy to take it easy, play around, dawdle, make some fun stuff… but I managed to stay on track, get hinges and weld them on, make a squared frame, get all my components that I had envisaged completed and welded together, event eh copper koi cut out, shaped, and brazed on. I was wrung out by the end, but am very proud of finishing it. Not so proud of having it still sitting in the garage waiting on the last steps before installation. My reward for this post, which is my re-entry to the class, and which I would have loved to wait and do… later… is supper. Then watch week 2. 🙂