I am absolutely a chronic procrastinator. I can remember being in high school and getting things done at the last minute; same through college, medical school, residency and now. Especially related to home work or work I have to complete outside regular hours. I don’t plan/schedule tasks well so I seem to run out of time to get things done. I always start out meaning to use the calendars/day timers/to do lists/et cetera and I even jot a few items down that I need to get done, but I don’t stick to the tracker and end up not getting things done.

What is one thing I didn’t procrastinate on yesterday? I did take my dads DD214 to the funeral home so my mom can be buried at Arlington Cemetery with dad. What kept me not from procrastinating….I had the information and I had time to take it where it needed to go…how can I use what I did? Be like the old Nike commercial and “Just Do It”. The more I think about an action, the more time I waste being inactive 8)