Hello everyone,

In response to today’s question, these are the top three issues I wish to work on:
1. Exercising daily. I always love how healthy I feel afterwards but I procrastinate so frequently that I rarely actually exercise.
2. Beginning work on my writing projects, which I am very passionate about but in reality have barely started. I would love to learn how to do this one thing that I really want to do.
3. I would like to improve my resilience with household tasks when I encounter obstacles. For example, in November I decided that I wanted to put beige curtains in a certain area of my house. I successfully added this to my to-do list, measured the windows, selected the fabric, and had them custom-made. In Cambodia where I live, this is all very easy because there are many professional seamstresses in the market eager for work who have lots of fabric. Next, I discovered that there are no curtain rods available where I live such as the kind I had in mind. I also realized I would need a drill which I do not have. I gave up very easily and now in August I still have curtains in a box but not installed. I hope that I can stop procrastinating tasks when I encounter obstacles and be more resilient for finding a solution instead of procrastinating.