Great issues and very doable.

Exercise is something that I have to be strategic about or, like with you, it will never happen. Your first step will be to define exactly what, how, and when you want to exercise. What counts as “exercise” in your plan? For example, My exercise program consists of 1 hour of exercise 3x/week and 7-10 minutes of exercise 3x/week so that I get exercise in even on days when I’m really busy. And I also give myself a day off every week. For me, that’s important or I’ll burn out, but for others, every single day is important for their consistency. For the short exercises, I can do anything for 10 minutes, such as dance, walk, bike, whatever. I also count the 7-minute exercise app and make myself do at least one round of those as a short exercise once a week. What I’m saying is that when you decide how much you want to exercise, it’s important to also look at how it can fit into your life. You may want to walk to work every day and do the remaining part of your hour lifting weights or something else. Paint yourself a picture of your exercise process and write it down.

Make your writing goal more specific as well. Your goal can be an end goal, such as write a short story before the end of the course, but I think even better would be to set a time-spent-writing goal. Perhaps it’s good to write a short list of things you want to write, ie. particular stories or articles, and then decide how much time you’ll spend writing any of them. Make sure you clarify just what counts and doesn’t count toward this writing goal. When you choose the one thing to start your goal with, make sure it’s the thing you most want to write. What comes to mind first?

As for #3, you’ll be learning things in this course that will help you keep going in te face of obstacles. For now, you may want to focus on #s 1 and 2 using your Procrastination Redirect Log (One log for each) which you’ll set up in Lesson 3. Since you’re tackling two areas, don’t make your goals too difficult. It’s better to make them easier–and therefore more successful–in the beginning and ramp them up when you’re ready, than to make them too strenuous in the beginning leading to discouragement.

Don’t forget to have fun with this!