Some phrases I will tell my self when I make a mistake….I don’t tend to beat myself up when I make mistakes, I make too many mistakes to do that….favorite phrase when I experience an unexpected setback? I took orders to a ship in Norfolk to move in with my Mom (sister, husband (long story), dog, cat and the other cat) to be with Mom in her remaining years. Unfortunately, her Lewey Body Dementia worsened rapidly and she died three weeks after I moved home. Rats, I am disappointed I didn’t get to spend more quality time with her, but I cannot go back and rewrite history. So…I have to embrace the situation I am in and move forward. I have the opportunity to remember my mother by working with my siblings and her church in planning her funeral. The funeral will be an opportunity to get together with family and friends to remember Mom and I am already thinking about the good work I can do to improve the medical department on board the ship. “It is what it is.”