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Hello, Shogofa. So glad to see you here!

Making plans is really great and necessary, but it’s also important to be flexible with those plans. It’s not only a way of acting, but also a way of being that you can develop through practice. Plans are important, but sometimes what intervenes and changes those plans is even better. The key is not to set your heart on your plans. It’s good when making plans to also make back-up plans as well.

Plans help us feel secure, but if they don’t work out, it can feel really scary and we can become immobilized and overwhelmed. Back-up plans can give us a head start in getting going again.

I wish you luck in finding the perfect job in a good place. BTW, DC is a great place, one with plusses and minuses, but there are other great places as well, so don’t reject the idea of moving to a different city if jobs in DC aren’t working out.