Woops, Mae, so sorry I didn’t see this till now.

So, how is following your scripted morning schedule going? If it’s going well, congratulations!!!

If it’s not working as you like, how can you tweak it to fit your real life better? And as for the gym, what can you do to make yourself actually go? 🙂 Exercise is one of those things that I don’t think I’ll ever just do enough of naturally. (I used to lie to myself about that, telling myself that I was getting enough just in my daily life. This went on for years until I got a bone density wake-up call.) Anyway, since I KNOW that I need to make myself do it, and in any given moment would naturally choose to do something else, I knew that I’d need an external source of motivation. What has worked consistently for me for years now is having an accountability partner.

Perhaps you have someone you know who can be your accountability partner. (I talk about accountability partners in the course but don’t know if you’ve gotten to that part yet.) I also just set up an Accountability room in the forum where keep your accountability. I’ll be monitoring it regularly. You can get to it from this link: https://www.transformyourworld.us/forums/topic/accountability/