Based on your descriptions, I believe I am a chronic procrastinator.

I have found that using rewards can improve my life. Yesterday I had to make a work schedule for our art teacher. I was tempted to procrastinate because it involved a number of influencing factors for which I did not have sufficient information. Also, I was really going into perfectionist mode because I wanted the schedule to be free of errors. I was able to focus on the task and complete it in less than 30 minutes by motivating myself with the reward of eating breakfast and drinking coffee at a local restaurant. Having a specific reward really helped me focus and finish the task and I successfully sent the art teacher her schedule.

As you brought up in one of your videos, I believe the mindset that has prevented me from using rewards in the past is that I never think I have time for rewards because the tasks I am procrastinating are things I already want to do. However, I have noticed this week that using rewards does save time because it has a way of focusing my energy and getting my energy un-stuck. I will try to also have a deeper focus on non-food rewards but in this example eating breakfast made sense because it was early in the morning.