You hit a nail on the head–using specific rewards as opposed to general ones, and also rewarding yourself with something you really want. Since you need to eat, had you not gotten your reward, you might have eaten at home, so the restaurant-reward was not breakfast itself, but where you eat breakfast. Right?

For some people, there is no problem with occasional food rewards, but so many have food issues, or are at risk for developing food issues, that it’s best to steer clear of them. Same with alcohol.

As I also said in the program, perfectionism has its place, and sometimes it gets in the way. Yes, we generally want everything we do to be of excellent quality, (it’s part of our identity!) but different activities benefit from greater and lesser amounts of quality. What you should be on the lookout for is to distinguish the situations that require perfectionism from those that need other varying levels of perfection. Sounds like you are on your way with that.

I have issues with actually giving myself my rewards also. My thinking goes that Well the promise of a reward got me to do that task, so now I can forget the reward and move on to the next task. Yeah, it’s a bad idea. So, not only give yourself your deserved rewards, but savor them as you take them.