My friend Kathleen is a woman I really admire for the way she gets things done. She followed her dream and opened her own vintage furniture store. The store is open and doing very well. She is a reliable friend and she follows through with her commitments to other people. Once she told me that she wanted to start a book club, and the book club was in motion that same week. She also managed to find time to actually read the book for the book club. When we worked together in the same office in Chicago, some weeks we would be so busy in the office and she would still bring homemade cookies and other treats.

It’s fun thinking about what advice Kathleen would give me.
First, she loves interior design so I think she would tell me to make my space as functional as possible to maximize time. Second, I think she would tell me to be true to myself and not be distracted by tasks other people present to me.

Great question!