For me this lesson has been very true to the title, getting to know my procrastinating self. I don’t think I ever saw it this way before but I think for me, procrastination is, out of the three points mentioned, most closely related to Impulsiveness. I’m not sure that the root of my procrastination is fear or lack of will-power. When I think about it I think I am very impulsive though. As an example from today, luckily not one that caused a problem, I had been working on our class schedules, was almost finished with the task, and then suddenly got an impulse to go take pictures in Kindergarten for the website. This is the type of thing that normally derails me. The problem with the impulse to take photos in Kindergarten is that it that although useful, it definitely wasn’t among today’s priorities. In this case there is nothing about the schedules that makes me fearful, it’s just that I suddenly got a strong idea to do something else.

For longer tasks like writing, I don’t know if I’m fearful about writing, it’s just that my concentration can be very low if I get an impulse to do something else.