So glad to hear that the different modes are working for you and your kids. It’s especially important for me when it comes to going on vacation. I’m usually slammed while getting ready and then would find it hard to relax on vacation until I realized I could just flip into “vacation mode”.

One thing that can help with the planning phase of a large project is to enlist someone to help you with it. Someone to act as a sounding board, to help brainstorm ideas, and help you organize them. It might be easier to say today I’m going to approach someone to spend an hour with me talking about my project plan, than it would be to say today I’m going to plan my project. You could even do this over Skype or Whatsapp.

You talked about wanting to write a book in your intro. That’s so huge! You also talked about wanting to share stories. That’s a lot more manageable. What I’d suggest at this point is just to start writing. Make a commitment to spend 15-30 minutes a day writing. Not with any goal in mind, but just to start writing. After you do that awhile, you’ll have a collection of writings that at some point will call out to you to organize them. Or perhaps that organization will just flow as you share what’s in your heart to share.

In your intro you also mentioned something that is so common, especially among women. And that is that we’ll do everything possible to help and support others while neglecting to do things for ourselves. It’s great to work on healing that, but meanwhile, it’s important to act in spite of that tendency. And the easiest way to do that is to set up systems. I knew that my own book would have fallen by the wayside if I hadn’t set up a system to make myself write. Same with exercise.

So, what can cause you to write for 15 minutes every day without fail? Can it become a habit like brushing your teeth–in which case you’d plan to write every day in the morning, when you get off work or after dinner or during lunch. Would setting a weekly quota work, such as an hour and a half to 3 hours per week and you do/don’t get to do some particular thing until it’s done? In this case, you don’t need to come up with a book plan, but a how-to-work plan. Can you stop right now and come up with one? (And share it here? I’m sure others will be interested.)

nd share it here.)