Analysis can be an important step because once you have assured yourself that that you have made the correct decision, you can be confident in acting on it. But, as you say, over-analysis can be a procrastination trap. So the question becomes how do you know when you have analyzed enough? How can you judge that you have made the right decision? The answers to these questions may be different for every person and also different in different situations. What is it for you?

Forgiving yourself is very important! And when you move into examining how you can do better next time, you are moving into the arena of redemption, another very powerful part of self-forgiveness.

Mis-judging the length of time that a task will take is very common among procrastinators and also the rest of us. That’s what makes me want to procrastinate–thinking that my Task will take way longer than I want to spend.

What’s true is that very often a Task will take as much time as you have available. So your trick of setting a time limit for your task was very smart. The next thing to look at will be how you can go about your task more efficiently so that you can do a great job with in that time limit.