Is Procrastination holding you back? It did for me, too.

Peggy Kelsey
Peggy Kelsey

I have been fascinated with the idea of self improvement , optimizing my life and adapting  my circumstances to my own goals (which were mostly to make things fun) ever since I was a kid. I didn’t push boundaries as much as try to get as close to them as possible without getting in trouble. Later, watching myself procrastinate and experiencing the missed opportunities, the negative effects on my job, the way it sapped my energy and affected the people around me made me decide to get serious about turning  this aspect of my life around. While procrastinating, I had felt free because I was doing what I wanted in that moment, but I began to see how it was costing me my freedom as I often found myself backed into corners and missing out on what I really wanted.

As someone who wants to be in control of my life (including when I take control and when I let go of it, which can be just as important) and to actually live out my dreams, it was essential that I honestly look at the things holding me back and see what I could do to overcome them. Over the years, I developed certain strategies that changed as I grew and developed as an entrepreneur, photojournalist, author and now as an Instructional Designer.

In this blog, I will share my story and offer strategies and tips I’ve learned along the way. Later, people who have completed my courses will add their own stories. In the courses I’m offering, I’m thrilled to share the methods, strategies, insights and bits of wisdom I’ve accumulated in a way that makes the artist in me sing.

At the moment, I’m on the verge of launching Mastering Your Procrastination: A Participatory Course for those who are fed up with how procrastination has played out in their lives and who are determined to change it. What’s different about Mastering Your Procrastination is that you have to get involved. You’ll look inside yourself to see when you don’t procrastinate and what’s going on when you do. By keeping a log of instances when you re-direct your procrastinations, you’ll not only get a clear picture of your personal procrastination patterns but also how using the different strategies is working. Your log will provide a basis for the rewards you’ll give yourself. By keeping a journal of your progress, you’ll be guided in how to think about your efforts and patterns and have a document to refer back to when you need a refresher. Finally, the commitment you’ll make to yourself (for an amount and length of time you choose) will help hold all you’ve learned in place until your new way of being becomes automatic.

Mastering Your Procrastination isn’t only for chronic procrastinators. As an occasional procrastinator, I find that the insights and strategies can get me through specific Tasks I would naturally put off, but also by looking deeper into my resistance, I can see that my aversion to doing a particular Task that I (think I) KNOW I should be doing in this moment may be useful information.

This  short video will give you a feel for Mastering Procrastination.

I will continue this blog by telling you about my journey as an entrepreneur and sharing some of what I learned.

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