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Are You Afraid?

Recognize the Signs of Fear-Based Procrastination

Fear can sometimes look like boredom, disinterest, or the inclination to gloss over important details. Or maybe you feel stuck, tired or overwhelmed. These kinds of fears can cause disaster in your life because they aren’t big enough to be considered a crisis.

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Facing Your Fears

Creating Awareness and Turning It Around

Whether we’re aware of it or not, fear is often a huge player in procrastination – the killer of dreams. It is preventing you from getting what you want out of life. Sometimes fear shows up as pain in the stomach or the throat. It can be the panic we feel in the face of something scary, but other times it’s just a feeling of boredom or tiredness, being stuck or overwhelmed. In those cases, we may not recognize what we’re experiencing as fear, and just power through, or procrastinate.

This three-video series on Living Fearlessly offers specific insights, perspectives and tactics for putting fear in its rightful place, as a helpful guide and a warning system. It tells you there is something that you need to pay attention to, rather than being a dictator of your actions.

Once you’ve learned to use your fears to guide and energize you, rather than control you, it is a huge step toward being productive and getting what you want out of life.

You Can Conquer the Fear That’s Holding You Back

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