Mentoring: A Perfect Match for Women Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Mentoring: A Perfect Match for Women Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Finding an experienced mentor is one of the surest strategic actions you can take on the path to success. Getting feedback and perspective from someone who has been in your business for a few decades will give insight (and contacts) not available from coaches.

The field of healthcare is no different. According to Forbes, [1] while 73% of women in healthcare are managers, only four percent are CEOs. For organizations that received over $2M in venture funding, NONE had a female CEO. To help remedy that, C-Sweetener, [2] a new non-profit, matches female healthcare leaders with experienced male and female mentors. Mentoring is one of the most effective ways to increase diversity and improve satisfaction.


Mentoring Paves a Path to Success


While coaching can be useful in helping one fast-track her career, solving problems, or get un-stuck, mentors who have already navigated your career path can guide you through the complex nuances specific to your field. They provide a safe haven for asking questions and brainstorming and give honest feedback. Ideally, one should have both.





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