Mold Productivity Strategies to Work for You

The “Wake Up Early” Productivity Strategies


I roll my eyes when famous, successful people tout that “You, too, can have their level of success if you wake up at 4:30 AM and get out to the gym – giving an inspired start to a productive day.” Maybe that’s true for them, but for me? Not so much, or rather, not at all. Whenever I exercise early in the morning, I feel worn out for the rest of the day, not energized.


Yes, I have the willpower to get myself up early and exercise. However, it definitely will not become a regular practice for me. Struggling to get up and out would leave me discouraged and possibly less productive than before I started. I need a morning routine that works for me. Something that works well for me is enjoying my rest to it’s fullest extent. 

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Knowing yourself, your limits, and what works best for you are key to seizing your productivity. This is the first step in discovering and molding ideal productivity strategies that work for you.


Realistic Productivity Strategies


You can mold your productivity strategies to fit you like the perfect shoe.  And you can motivate yourself when you don’t feel like doing your task to amplify your goals with intentions. Implement additional strategies to help yourself start and stay on task, then anchor all you’ve learned in place.


Use introspection and self-observation as your guides while examining the productivity strategies you learn. The time you spend reflecting on yourself is a period in where you are checking in with yourself to see where where you are emotionally. Creating a regular practice of introspection prevents you from living with issues that weigh heavily on your conscience such as unresolved conflicts and avoided tasks. These can destroy your sense of inner peace.


Decide which productivity strategies fit your life and personality, then tweak them further so they can become your new natural way of operating. It’s important and fun to keep records of your productivity strategies and your experimentation by using a journal or log. My course provides a Strategy Experiments Log exactly for this reason.


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Is this strategy a perfect fit? Photograph: Allstar/Disney


It’s also worthwhile to take steps to motivate yourself in the face of tasks you normally don’t enjoy, especially if they are regular or ongoing tasks. If you have the willpower, it’s possible to Just Do It, as Nike recommends. Although, wouldn’t you be less likely to procrastinate if you decided to enjoy the task as you just did it? I’ll share more about this in my next post.


Want to take a deeper dive into your procrastination?

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These Guiding Principles of Transform Your Procrastination can help you to be more successful at gaining control over your procrastination – rather than a “quick fix” approach.

  •       Focus on what you already do well
  •       Treat yourself kindly, especially in the face of your setbacks
  •       Build up your confidence by reviewing your positive results
  •       Connect with others struggling with the same issues
  •       Interact directly with an expert who can hold your hand and guide you
  •       Explore ways to make your tasks fun


The more you can follow these guiding principles, the more successful you will be at mastering your procrastination. I believe in you and know you have the ability to tackle your procrastination and transform it into positive habits that will transform your life.


What productivity strategies are you currently using that work well? I want to hear from you, so please comment below. 


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