You Have More Control Than You May Imagine

You have more control over your life than you may imagine… Watch the video for more

You can create Happiness and Success despite current circumstances.

This is my final video in the 21-Day Facebook Live Challenge. I decided to take it on, because I wanted to get comfortable in front of a camera and feel more confident. It was a challenge for me, but I faced it head-on and honing that skill has helped me quite a bit.


I wrote a poem to commemorate this final video. It is titled Finished.

Finished, but not done.

Met my goal.

Lived the challenge.

Finito and relief.

Looking back, how far I’ve come.

Forward, how far yet to go.

And for me, growth.

New challenges, bring them on!


My goal for publishing videos on Facebook Live has been to inspire you. I also wanted to offer short, concise teachings that can impact your life.  These are ways for you to be more productive and happier.


You are more in control of your life than you may imagine. This has been the theme of my video series, and I’d like to offer a little more explanation behind what it means.  I imagine that when some people hear that phrase they think, “I have no control because there’s so much going on and so many people dictate what I HAVE to do. So I can’t control it.”  While you cannot change what happens to you (though sometimes you can), you can always control how you react to it. That is the key.


The same is true for creating happiness and success in your life. You can redefine happiness and success. It is possible to re-frame it in the context of your life. While this does not necessarily feel natural or easy, it is possible. This is a powerful personal development tool available to you. Knowing and acting on this information can make a BIG difference in your life.


This belief in self-improvement and the power of changing the context is what led me to create my online course, Transform Your Procrastination. I’ve seen so many people at the mercy of their own procrastination. They create these big goals and dreams, but their days get frittered away with little things. So they miss out.


My goal is to support others in increasing their ability to take charge of their habits and to consciously respond to what life throws at you. Your days don’t need to be squandered by whims and distractions!


If you’re ready to take on the CHALLENGE, or if you’re just curious to see how this could possibly work, then visit the TYP course page.   Discover what this can do for you and how you can get the support that you need.

Transform Your Procrastination online course


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